Brow Microblading FAQ's

How long does it last?

It is a semi-permanent cosmetic procedure that lasts 1year to 18 months. All results will vary and there are no guarantees. Everyone's skin is different. Everybody's ability to heal is different. There are many variables that take place during the healing process that will control the outcome of your brows. It is very important that you fully understand that I will create gorgeous brows for you but it depends on your skin type, texture and oiliness whether or not it will retain the pigment. Plan ahead and book your initial 4-6 week touch up after the healing process has begun. This way if any pigment has lifted from improper aftercare or scabbing during the healing phase, you'll be all set. This follow-up appointment is included in your initial visit price if you book within the allotted time frame. So Plan Ahead! I book up very fast!

How long does the procedure take?Can I have my brows microbladed if I'm pregnant?

Plan on two hours. The consultation is part of your appointment. After filling out paperwork, I numb your brows with a doctor prescribed compounded numbing cream. You will barely feel a thing!  Then we consult,making sure you fully understand all policies and procedures, draw your perfect shape, take photos, then we begin.


NO....If you are pregnant or breast feeding, you cannot have your brows microbladed due to the numbing affecting the baby or being transferred through the breast milk. NO EXCEPTIONS!

Does it hurt? Will I still have to wax or tweeze new growth?

It can be a little uncomfortable for some. Everyones pain tolerance is different. Most of my clients don't feel a thing! I use a doctor prescribed compounded numbing cream that is used when administering fillers or Botox! You will barely feel anything! In fact, most of my clients are so relaxed they fall asleep. I would suggest bringing earphones with you. Some say they do not care for the "Velcro" sound it makes when blading through the skin. This will make a world of difference as well. Once you see your new brows, you'll realize it was all worth it! And be so glad you did it! I promise.

Yes. You are still going to have to wax or tweeze. Now that I have created a perfect new template for your brows, your maintenance will be so much easier!

Healing Process & How long does it take?

Once again, this varies for everyone.Everyone's skin is different. Usually,it takes a few days to about a week.However...ladies, if you have a special event coming up please allow more time just in case you do not heal well or at a slower rate. And Please make sure you have your touch-up appointment already scheduled for 6 weeks just in case you need it! Color will appear much darker immediately following your procedure and may be slightly swollen and feel larger.Most women are fine with this, but others may be very self conscious and may not want to go out or be seen. The darkness will become softer in about 2-3 days as the skin heals...I promise! This will also be followed by some flaking and undesirable scabbing. Usually the results are amazing but again it depends on your skin type, texture and degree of oiliness. If your skin is too oily this procedure may be TOO SEMI-PERMANENT for you and be a little more high maintenance, requiring more frequent touch ups.The more oily your skin, the higher the possibility of scabbing.Your new semi-permanent brows will go through several phases of healing. First the color will appear very sharp and dark immediately after, this is because the pigment is siting on top of your skin and hasn't settled in completely.Once the healing starts you will start to see what looks like dandruff flakes or simply dry skin much like when a regular tattoo heals.This might give you the impression that the pigment is fading, however, this is just superficial color and dry skin being naturally removed from your eyebrows.. Do not worry if you see some pigment on a cotton swab. This is normal! 

Will I need a touch-up?

I cannot say for sure. Everyone's skin type and the way they heal is different. Therefore no guarantees can be made. After the healing process has stopped, I advise applying a layer of sunscreen SPF 30-50 on your brows when exposed to the sun.Sun exposure may cause the pigment to fade more quickly.Remember this is a semi-permanent procedure and will fade over time.I always advise booking a 6 week touch-up appointment when scheduling your initial session. This way  if you have poor retention or healing they will be good as new until your next visit in about 6-12 months. Additional touch-ups may be necessary. If you need a touch-up Bombshell Brow Studio offers you one at an extremely discounted rate of $150 between up to 12 weeks after your initial blade so please plan your touch ups ahead of time to ensure you can get your discounted touch-up in a timely manner.



How do you choose a color?

I will choose the color that best suits your skin tone and current brow color. I use an amazing pigment line and have a variety of colors to custom blend for you. Your brows will appear darker the first couple of days. Do not be alarmed! This is normal. The pigment hasn't fully settled into the skin and is sitting on top of the brow possibly mixed with some body fluids. Your color will fade 30-70% lighter as it heals. Please also be advised that if you have very dark brows that this will heal lighter than your natural brow color. This service does not eliminate the need for brow powder. I am merely giving you a very natural looking template under your existing brows. So you will no longer have to spend endless hours in the bathroom drawing them on yourself. This will save you so much time! This process will NOT give you that old style, filled in,solid, tattooed, sharpie look. It's IMPERATIVE that you understand this moving forward before we begin!! This is a VERY NATURAL LOOK! Brow Microblading is Meant to mimic Natural brow hairs. I cannot stress that enough!