More FAQ's

Is a consultation required?

Yes. However most questions can be answered over the phone  prior to booking appointment online. It is advised however that you plan ahead and allow enough time when scheduling your appointments  due to any possible contraindications you may  have etc. 

The day of your appointment our doctor will finish your consultation to make absolutely sure you have No contraindications whatsoever and your good to go for the procedure.

Booking , Deposits & Refunds

When booking online if you are unable to secure a date and time you are looking for please don't hesitate to call or text and i'll be happy to take a look at the schedule for you and see how I can accommodate you. Dates selected  MUST fall on a day that the doctor is available and will be present. NO EXCEPTIONS. I will text or call you if there is a conflict with the date you have selected.

All Microblading appointments require a non-refundable $100. deposit to secure that specific date and time on the calendar and must be paid at time of booking or your appointment will be cancelled.Please make absolute sure your dates are correct. You will be required to pay directly from the website through PayPal  with any Major credit card or debit card. Should you need to cancel and request a new date an additional deposit will be required if 2 weeks notice is not given. If your request is within the two weeks your deposit will transfer to the new appointment date. NO REFUNDS ARE GIVEN  FOR ANY REASON. That time is already pre-paid for the doctor to arrive.   

Very Oily Skin Types

You cannot always tell how someone is going to heal due to their skin type because sometimes medications and herbal supplements and medical conditions can all play a role in how someone heals. However, Most often these skin types will heal more blurred or with a more "powdered" effect and will not have a clean crisp stroke. In this case they may be harder to retain the pigment and permanent makeup may be a better alternative for them.

Microblading over Permanent Makeup

Although some  Microblading technicians will do this. Usually, removal must be done first depending on level of saturation or fading your previous tattoo has done. An In person consultation is required before an appointment for Microblading can be made. Removal May require 2-6 sessions  before Microblading can be done. 


Microblading & PMU Deposit

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

This non-refundable deposit holds your date and time for your appointment. You must give a minimum two weeks notice if you need to change your date. If  appropriate amount of time is given your deposit will transfer to new date. If not, your deposit will be lost and a new one will be needed to reserve a new date and time. No exceptions, Please make sure your dates are firm. By reading this and paying your deposit your agreeing to the terms of this policy.Thank you!